Fire Up Your Kids' Home Learning With These Simple Ideas

In an era of pandemics, getting your kids to learn from home is a challenge. They’re used to being in the classroom and having a teacher tell them what they need to do. The idea of parents educating them seems a little weird at best.

However, it looks like we may be heading towards a hybrid environment. Students are spending less time in school and more at home. And that’s leading to changes in how they learn. Parents, therefore, need new skills to enable their kids to thrive if there’s another lockdown.

But what does that look like in practice? In this post, we take a look at some remote learning tips that make it easier for parents to educate their kids from home, even if they aren’t experts.

Create A Daily Routine

Kids are often creatures of habit. So the first thing you’ll need to do is get them into a daily routine. Your goal isn’t to just mimic the school day, but instead to maximise their learning as much as you can.

Most parents find that their children learn best in the morning, so focus all the hard work at the start of the day. Then use the afternoon for more relaxing and recreational activities. Sports, for instance, is a great way to get their bodies moving and prepare their minds for the next day.

Get Help

Parents don’t have to go it alone when educating their kids from home. Teachers should be available online. That’s because hybrid learning uses teaching software like LanSchool. This allows students and teachers to connect in ways that simply weren’t possible in the past.

Eliminate Barriers

Parents also need to consider the barriers to learning that might exist for their kids. For instance, are their lessons too structured? Are they not structured enough? Is there too much focus on book work or would kids prefer to apply what they are learning?

As a parent, all these questions can run through your mind. But it is critical to identify issues early so that you can keep the process going.

Give The Child More Control

Another thing that you can try is giving your child more control over what they learn. You don’t have to give them free rein. But just saying, “would you prefer to do option A or option B?” can be a great way to give them a little extra agency.

Use Your School’s Resources

Schools should have a bunch of learning aids and teaching resources that you can also use at home. Most schools will be more than willing to hand these out to parents. Just as for some age-appropriate materials and they will be happy to supply them.

Forget The Work And Focus On The Child

Lastly, we tend to think that the only way to succeed academically is to study hard. But what really matters is the learning that occurs for the child. Most kids will pick up concepts naturally, without having to strain. So when the task of learning is complete, give the child free rein.

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