Perfect Gifts For Families Who Love The Outdoor Life

Do you know a family who just loves spending time outdoors? Perhaps it's yours! In which case, you’ll love some of the ideas that we present in this post. The following are the perfect gift for families who love being out in nature.

A Car Roof Box

Families that spend a lot of time in nature rely heavily on their cars. While public transport allows you to get out into the wild, it’s never as convenient as just driving to a destination and setting up camp.

Unfortunately, modern vehicles are often a little too small for most families, especially when they have kids in the back. And that means that space can be a little tight.

Here’s an idea: get them a car roof box. These fit onto standard roof rails and provide additional storage space for all their belongings, leaving more room free in the back.

A Gazebo

The outdoor-loving family you know probably already has a tent. But do they have a gazebo for cooking food and eating outside under shelter? Probably not.

Gazebos are a wonderful present. And they tend to be considerably cheaper than tents too, which is always a bonus.

Garden Games

Sometimes outdoor-focused families like playing garden games, particularly in the summer. If they’re an all-American family, you might want to invest in a custom cornhole set - a classic game that anyone can play. Families who love travelling to Europe might appreciate croquet or boule (a little bit like lawn bowls). The choice is yours.

A Water Container

When families spend time camping in the open country, they often need a large container for all their water. But rarely do they have an adequate solution. The best water containers are made of rigid plastic and come with a stopper that allows the user to fill them up from an outdoor tap. Look for containers that are larger than a gallon but less than three.

A Parks Pass

Going outdoors can sometimes get expensive, especially if you are continually having to pay entry fees to get into parks. With a parks pass, however, you can provide the nature-loving family you know with easy access to the great outdoors. Usually, you can buy annual tickets or season passes that allow them to get into parks as many times as they like, all year round.

A Good Pair Of Binoculars

Binoculars are essential for outdoor lovers. They allow them to see further to the horizon and also see wildlife more easily.

It’s a great gift for kids too. There’s nothing more exciting than staring into the distance, seeing mountain goats balanced on ledges or eagles soaring high in the sky. 

If it is the wildlife that they are interested in the most, then you could also get them something alongside the binoculars to help them get close to wildlife more easily as well. For instance, you could buy them a camo blanket that they could lay under whilst using the binoculars so the local wildlife doesn't spot them. Or you could purchase them a salt lick from somewhere like to attract wildlife like deer so they can see them up close. Both would make a great combo of presents alongside the binoculars.

A Mosquito Net

Mosquito nets are something that we typically associate with tropical countries. But they can also help closer to home too, particularly for people walking through lake land areas. Mosquito nets prevent mosquitos and most other insects from getting into tents and causing annoying bites. They can also help to prevent ticks from crawling up from the grass and into where they are sitting or sleeping.

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