Types Of Race Horses - Popular Horse Breeds Used In Racing

Types Of Race Horses - Popular Horse Breeds Used In Racing

It is time to get ready to inspect the Royal Ascot race cards as the big event that we have all been waiting for sits just around the corner. With restrictions being eased in England, and life slowly returning to normal, it is a joy to see racing coming back into our lives. As Royal Ascot 2021 approached, we take a look at types of race horses and the popular horse breeds used in racing so that when you take in the big event you can look and sound like a pro!


We’ve all heard of the thoroughbred breed, and for very good reason. Thoroughbreds are very popular in the world of horse ownership and racing as they are known for being strong and robust. This most popular of race horse breeds has its origins in 17th Century England when it was the result of breeding an Arabian, Barb and Turkman stallion.


Another very popular breed when it comes to racing horses, the Arabian is intelligent and gentle in nature. Found on the Arabian Peninsula, these horses tend to be small and more compact than the likes of a thoroughbred. They have been the most popular breed of horse for racing for a very long time. Arabian horses are often light in colour.


As fast trotters, the standardbred are popular in harness racing. Popular in America, this breed tends to have a well-developed body structure and they are often quite distinctive to look at. In America they also go by the name Trotter Pacer. They tend to weigh in at around 1000lbs, and are usually dark in colour. Many are a deep chestnut brown.


This Spanish pure breed horse is known for being strong and muscular. Those of the Andalusian breed often have deep chests and pronounced and well-developed nostrils. They are known for being calm and good to train. They tend to be quite docile, but this doesn’t stop them from learning to compete.

Akhal Teke

Hailing from Turkmenistan, these horses are known for being intelligent and for having a high endurance level. They are recognisable for their very straight head profile and almond shaped eyes. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the breed is the hooded eyes. The Akhal Teke is a good horse to train as their intelligence leads them to be quick and able learners.

Black Forest

This breed is very gentle and well-natured. They are popular when it comes to horse racing as they are easy to train and ride.

American Quarter

This is a popular breed of horse in America, and throughout the world. It is good at sprinting over short distances, and this makes it a popular choice in many equestrian sports, as well as in the world of horse racing. Horses usually measure between 14 and 16 hands and they are powerful horses. They come in a variety of colours, but the most common is a reddish brown.

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