BLW Feeding Bib- Coverall Bib For Messy Eaters

Being a parent is pretty cool. Now that my kids are getting bigger and our very first grandchild is on the way, I have been thinking about it more and more. Not to be obsessive or anything but literally, every day I think about something new that I can't wait to try with little baby Easton. I keep telling myself- October Amy, you can be patient that long!

One of the coolest things about parenting is teaching. All of the things that we do like eating, sleeping, potty-ing, snuggling, and well, everything that we don't know how we know, we just know- someone has taught us along the way. As a parent, we get to guide our children and help them learn all of the awesome things that will be- "I don't know- I just do" types of things.

Feeding is one of the things that I absolutely loved when my babies were babies. There was this one specific pureed baby food called Blueberry Buckle Dessert that gave them a whole body shiver. I mean full-on, open mouth, balled up fists- SHIVER. The same reaction from biting a lemon. With my first daughter, I laughed so hard I cried! With my second daughter, yes, I laughed so hard I cried. Same reaction for them and me. The fun part about the second daughter- my oldest was right there with me getting the story of "When you were a baby, this food made you shiver, just like Cass!".

As they got past the spoon-feeding stage, which didn't last very long at all, they were independent and strong-willed, not to mention, fast! They wanted to do it themselves. If I held up a spoon, their little hands had the precision of a laser beam, the speed of a rocket, and the strength of a curious baby, to grab the food off of the spoon. I knew it was time to let them do it on their own. At least a little bit at a time. 

I just want to say, all babies are different. Some babies are more independent than others and some require more assistance than others. Your baby will let you know if it's working or not. Whether they are verbal or nonverbal aged, they will let you know if they do or don't like the way things are working out.

I had never heard of the term Baby Led Weaning or BLW, for short until recently and realized, that's what I did. Well, at least partially anyway. I was a very nervous mommy. I seemed to hover over every bite to make sure there was no choking going on.

BLW is great for so many reasons. It helps little ones develop fine motor skills, it is proven to prevent picky eaters, and it gives babies the opportunity to learn to feed themselves helping them with their own independence. 

Mealtime was always a disaster. There was usually more on the floor and table than was in their tummies but, they were eating that was all that mattered. We went through so many bibs and eventually just let that go too. Strip the clothes off and buckle them into their high chair. I'm so happy for this next generation of parents, there is something way better than a full bath to get through a meal. Baby Coverall Bib!

As your little ones grow, the BLW coverall bib is great for letting your little ones help in the kitchen. We have always believed in letting our kids help in the kitchen and be a part of mealtime, at an age-appropriate time of course. It starts with a spoon and bowl so they can pretend to make stuff and as their skills get better, letting them help with mixing real foods, adding ingredients, and the most important part- quality control (taste testers). The BLW Bib is perfect for using as a baby apron for bigger toddlers. It does fit up to 36 months, these bibs with proper care will last so much longer than that! They are lightweight, easy to wear, and have an adjustable neck as well as a strap at the bottom to attach to the highchair. All of the adjusters are made with Velcro and have a secure hold as well as easy release. 

I just want to say, no matter how your baby eats, these are amazing bibs to use. The Baby Coverall Bib has an adjustable neck, full-length sleeves, and covers the whole front of your little bundle of joy. It's designed to protect your little one's clothing and helping them transition into little independent eaters. 

Features of The ShiShu Creations - Feeding Bib 

Waterproof and Machine Washable. The ShiShu Creations - Feeding Bib is recommended to be machine washed and air dried twice per week and wiped off with a damp cloth in between uses. Its waterproof feature allows for your little one to stay dry even when they spill. 

Adjustable. The adjustable neck is secured with velcro. This allows for smaller babies (approx 6 months) up to toddler-sized babies to be fully covered without having to worry about buying one in every size. 

Perfect for gifting. This is an awesome Baby Shower gift idea. It's unique, brightly colored, and super easy to use. Parenting is full of surprises, it's best to be ready early on. 

Cover and Catch. The cover and catch style of the coverall bib is just right to cover arms, chest, lap, and even the tray for maximum coverage. 

Beginning to End food training. The ShiShu Creations - Feeding Bib is made to fit babies 6-36 months with ease and comfort. 

While looking for great products to help you with all of your baby needs, be sure to check out the Long Sleeve Baby Weaning Bib from ShiShu Creations, you will not be disappointed! 

I received this product for free as a gift. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly or use the contact button on the right side of the page. 

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