Reenliv Microfiber Mop 360 Degree Spin- Hands Free Wringing

Well, guys, I'm going to be completely honest here. I hate cleaning. It's something I have never enjoyed and every single time I am doing the dreaded chores (every day), I do my best to get through them as fast as I can. I am constantly looking for products to make my household chores easier and maybe even fun, and definitely faster.

So, let's start with the basics, sweeping and mopping comfortably. I am a pretty standard height and my arms are standardly placed on my body, making me a very average-sized person. My biggest complaint is that I have a hard time finding a broom or mop that is comfortable to hold so that it doesn't feel like I am hunched over trying to get the job done. Giving the real meaning of a pain in the back.

Another big complaint about the whole mop/broom combo, it's so much to tote through the house. I don't like big sloppy mops that never ring out good and I'm just sloshing water around my floor and it takes forever to dry. When we moved in here, we replaced all of the carpets with wood plank flooring. It's so much easier to care for with kids and pets especially in our high-traffic areas. It's easier to clean, doesn't hold stains, it doesn't get stiff or thin spots, it doesn't hold smells, it's just easier to maintain all the way around. 

So, would you like the coolest solution that I have found? I know you would because I know all of you can't love cleaning the house. But, I have found a way that makes cleaning the floors and dusting, not just bearable but also easy! Reenliv Microfiber Mop. Yes! Microfiber! Hardwood, Laminate, Tile and can be used as an all-surface and extendable duster!!

Edge to edge coverage

I have to say one thing that I LOVE LOVE LOVE is that it doesn't leave dust lines on the floor. You know the process. Sweep the floor, mop the floor, and then walk the edge of each room with a paper towel and scoop up all the dust balls and pet fur that didn't come up sweeping that the mop pushed to the edge. I don't like that process at all. And what if you forget? Mom in Law shows up, walks through the house, makes eye contact with the black cat fur stripe an inch from the baseboards, doesn't say anything but, you know she thought of snubbing it, hard. Avoid it completely!

The 360 rotation head makes it so much easier to get into narrow spaces and under the edges of furniture with ease. It attracts the fur and keeps it with the mop until you are done.

No snubbable fur rings around the house. 

No wringing out the mop either. It has a slide squeegee to make it even easier for us to use it. No mess!!

All projects included, wet and dry

This microfiber mop is perfect for every situation. Wet or dry, this duster mop helps get the job done. Dust mopping the floor, mopping the floor, dusting the walls, and hard-to-reach areas by using the extender not only saves your back from strain but also saves you from having to get out the step stool. That's right. Work smarter not harder! Twist, extend, twist to lock. It's that awesome! Cleaning is so easy with this microfiber mop.

Changing the mop head

Changing the mop head is a breeze. There are 3 steps to follow to put the new head-on. 

Comparing cost: One-time purchase

I'm so happy to tell you about this part. It's a one-time purchase. No cleaning pad refill packs or disposable pieces to buy. No specific solutions to purchase. Just one easy purchase of the microfiber mop system with 3 washable reusable cleaning cloths. 

As a relatable product, I purchased a similar product with disposable pads. What I spent on the initial purchase looked great at $25. It came with 2 disposable pads and a sample-sized bottle of solution to get started. That was 2 uses. 
The refill packs are $10 for a box of 12. The cleaning solution is $5 per bottle. I broke all that down into costs and that means I'm spending approximately $2 every single time I clean my floor. Because one pad rarely does the whole house, I have to buy extra. I'm paying to clean my own floor?! Plus the initial cost. And that's only to do a tidying up job. If I have a big spill or mess, I still have to get out the big mop bucket. 

Compared that to the cost of this microfiber mop, after the initial cost, which is comparable to the other ($28.88 and a $3 coupon= $25.88), there are no other purchases to make. The only thing I need is the cleaner I want to use and the mop itself. The cleaner I use for my floors is a multi-purpose cleaner that I use all around the house. I use 1 bottle every 2 weeks, give or take. That's $4 total if I don't catch it on sale. That's less than .10c per use. 

The longevity of cost is a no-brainer. About $50 per month to use the disposable duster mop compared to $4 to use this one. And it gets my floor cleaner, easier!

The cleaning cloths can be easily hand washed or tossed in the washing machine. 

Another great feature is the squeegee. Unlike other mops that dunk, ring, and repeat, the microfiber mop squeegee rings out so sufficiently that there are no puddles or dripping all over the floor. 

There is no reason at all that you won't love this microfiber mop as much as I do. 

I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly. 

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