What do you need to know about 200 proof ethanol food grade?

Although ethanol seems like a simple product, there are a lot of variations of it. The most popular one is 200 proof ethanol food-grade that is often used as an extraction solvent. With the rise of the cannabis industry, more and more brands are relying on this substance as a way of getting CBD oil from the plant. According to the Simple Solvents team, the demand for the chemical has increased several times in the last few years.

Besides alcohol, you can also try CO2 extraction as well as butane extraction. However, ethanol gives you the perfect combination of price and safety. When using the product, it is very important to know how to you it properly. The substance is categorized as a food-grade product making it ideal for human consumption. But, like all other alcohol chemicals, it is highly flammable and has to be stored in a proper manner.

Because of the way it’s used, 200 proof alcohol can be quite expensive. It is utilized for stiff drinks, and it comes with a really high tax. Furthermore, companies that sell it have to adhere to special rules. They also need to have special licenses that would allow them to sell it.

What makes 200 proof alcohol different from other alcohols?

This product has the highest concentration of all the alcohol substances. While it is called 200 proof or 100% alcohol, it does have some water in it. The chemical is colorless and very volatile. If you store higher quantities of alcohol in one place, you should have fire extinguishers, a good ventilation system, and protective gear (especially when handling denatured substances).

Besides 100% alcohol, you have ethanol in different concentrations. For example, you can buy 70%, 80%, 90%, and 95% alcohol.

Alcohols at between 70 to 90 percent are ideal for cleaning. This is because their water content allows them to stick to a surface for a prolonged period of time. Most of these substances are used in labs. When talking about 200 proof ethanol, it is ideal for various extraction procedures and chemical work.

Besides pure alcohols, we also differentiate denatured ones. These chemicals were purposely altered so that they cannot be used for human consumption. As soon as pure alcohol changes to denatured one, it will no longer be categorized as food-grade, which means that its taxes will be much lower.

Denatured are extremely popular for cleaning, but they are not as good for destroying microbes. Each one of these substances will have different color, taste, or smell, clearly indicating that it's not for human consumption. If a person, by any chance, consumes the chemical, they will need immediate medical attention.

How is 200 alcohol-proof ethanol used?

As mentioned, this chemical is ideal for the process of alcohol extraction. You can use it for cannabis, but also for numerous other oils. The chemical can also be processed and used for the creation of numerous alcoholic drinks.

A lot of companies use it for their cosmetic items. It is also suitable for certain medical products. While it is not ideal for disinfection, you can use it for cleaning. But, there are some better, cheaper products for this particular purpose.

Regulation of 100% alcohol in the US

If your company wants to sell pure ethanol or some other alcohol substance, you will have to apply through the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The tax percentage will vary based on the substance. The most expensive one is 100% alcohol, while you don't have to pay extra tax on a denatured chemical.

Keep in mind that you might get some perks and discounts depending on how you're using alcohol. For example, if you are using the product for mechanical, medicinal, or scientific purposes, it is possible to apply for a tax-free alcohol permit. This document can easily be accessed online.

One of the most important things about alcohol is storage. The substance needs to be kept in strong, impenetrable containers that can be moved around without spilling the chemical. Given its volatility and the fact that it can lead to fires, you will also need proper fire permits if you wish to store it.

Where to buy quality ethanol?

While this substance is pretty simplistic and straightforward, you still need to buy pure ethanol from a reputable source. Having the right provider will ensure that the substance is properly delivered to your address and that there are no payment or similar issues. This is why you need to choose the Simple Solvents store!

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