5 Simple Ideas To Support Your Child's Mental Health

Looking after your kids isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to their mental health. Children and teens feel pressures just as adults do, and so it’s important to help your kids navigate these challenges.

1 . Openly discuss feelings

To support your child’s mental health, you should help them to openly discuss their feelings. Both younger kids and teens should be encouraged to open up, your kids need to understand that talking about their emotions is healthy. Whether they are feeling sad, angry or anxious, ask them to express these feelings. Help them to understand why they might be feeling this way. The next step is to problem solve, supporting your child to feel better in any way that you can.

2. Practice relaxation strategies

When your child is feeling stressed out you can help by offering relaxation strategies. There are lots of different ways that kids can relax, but here are a few simple ideas:
  • Play a quiet game or read a nice book.
  • Watch a feel-good movie or go to the bath.
  • Run around in the garden, or do a few yoga stretches.
  • Write in a journal or draw a picture.
3. Try kids mindfulness apps

Mindfulness and meditation can help adults and children to de-stress and appreciate the present moment. There are several different mindfulness apps that are aimed at kids and teens. A few examples include ‘Breathe Think Do’, ‘Dreamy Kid’, or ‘Smiling Mind’. All of these apps have plenty of excellent features, to help children to unwind.

From games and quizzes to exercises and articles, these apps have plenty of content to help kids learn. When you’re letting your kids use apps, remember to limit their screen time. Tech has so many benefits for kids. But it’s best to use apps in moderation.

4. Don’t ignore the basics

When you’re thinking about your child’s mental health, it’s important to remember the basics. Make sure that they get plenty of healthy food, enough sleep, and lots of exercise. Getting these little things right is a great way to support your child’s mental health.

If your child struggles to sleep, ensure that you create the perfect sleep environment. Use dark-colored curtains to keep out the light, and a memory foam mattress to support their body as they sleep. Help little kids to wind down before bedtime, you might read a bedtime story or listen to relaxing music.

5. Understand the triggers

To fully support your child’s mental health it’s important to understand what might be causing them to feel stressed. Children and teens worry about many different things, whether it’s friendships with their peers or issues on social media. The key is to know what warning signs to look out for. To learn more about supporting a struggling child, check out Eva Carlston Academy reviews.

Improving your child’s mental health is a journey, sometimes it might be difficult, but with perseverance, you’ll start to make progress. With the help of these tips, you’ll keep your child healthy and happy. Improving your parenting skills can take a little trial and error.

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