Tinted Windows: 5 Reasons To Get Them For Your Car

More and more vehicles in the US have tinted windows. In fact, it is one of the most popular upgrades people choose for their cars. There’s a very good reason for it: Tinted windows can complete the look and feel of any vehicle.

But is the upgrade a good idea for car owners? The answer is yes. Here are 5 important reasons why you want to book your vehicle for window tinting services.

#1. Aesthetically pleasing vehicle

We won’t lie. Tinted windows look good. But as a car owner, you want to think about it as an investment that maintains the resale value of the car. Tinted windows are highly desirable. So, for vehicles in the same conditions and the same specs, tinted windows can actually increase the price tag.

Be sure to consider, however, that adding a tinted glass will not compensate for existing issues with the car, such as engine problems or corrosion. It’s not a miracle solution!

#2. Privacy

Make sure to research the unique laws regarding car tinting in your state. As a rule of thumb, tinted windows are authorized across the US for both aesthetic and privacy reasons. However, the level of darkness allowed can vary from one state to another.

The tint can protect the privacy of your passengers and yourself. It also hides the interior of your vehicle when the car is parked. This can prevent thefts and break-ins as opportunistic criminals can’t see what is inside the car.

#3. Blocking harmful UV rays

Did you know you could catch a sunburn even inside a car? This has to do with the level of protection the natural windows and windshield provide. They let the majority of UV A and B through, which can lead to sunburn over time.

Tinted windows can reduce the amount of UV rays that can penetrate the glass shield, hence protecting your skin. For ultimate protection, you should still wear sunscreen, even behind the steering wheel.

#4. Cooling the vehicle

Driving in summer can feel like going through the 9 circles of hell. Sitting in a car that has been parked in a sunny spot is uncomfortable. The seats are hot, the wheel is hot, and the heated air inside the vehicle feels suffocating.

Unfortunately, if you live in one of the sunniest states, your vehicle is unlikely to cool down much even when it’s in motion. With little shade on the road, the car keeps getting hotter! Tinted windows can help reduce the heat by keeping some of the sunlight out.

#5. Reducing sun glare

Do you sometimes find yourself squinting because of sun glare? Sun glare is a frequent occurrence in winter, especially early morning, and also late afternoon in summer. Seasonal sun glare is responsible for over 9,000 car crashes every year. Wearing sunglasses can provide some level of protection but it isn’t always enough.

Tinted glasses can be essential in decreasing the impact of sun glare on drivers and keeping the road safe throughout the day. They can also reduce glare at night when crossing oncoming vehicles with strong headlights.

In conclusion, this is your sign to get your windows tinted and enjoy the new driving experience!

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