Dog Happiness 101: Everything You Need To Know

Raising a happy dog is the goal of most responsible pet owners. They want hounds who feel happy and content with their lives.

But actually going about that can be hard. Dogs can sometimes feel down in the dumps, just like people!

So, what can you as a dog parent do about it? Here are some simple principles you can follow for a happy hound.

Train Them

Training your dog can help make them happier. Dogs who feel obedient to their owners and part of the “pack” generally have lower cortisol levels and seem chirpier in themselves.

As people, we hate the idea that our manager can bark orders at us, but it doesn’t seem to be the same for dogs. Pooches don’t have egos getting in the way of subordination. Instead, they just want to know where they fit in the social group so they know the best way to survive. Giving them orders facilitates this.

Exercise Them

Another critical component of doggy happiness is exercise. Animals that get more than 30 minutes a day are less restless and seem more relaxed (at least when you get back from the park).

You can exercise your pooch however you want. Daily walks, trips to the park, and even swimming are great activities for your four-legged friend. Just make sure that you give bigger dogs more exercise and give them the right nutrition to grow big and strong. You can find plenty of quality pet food recommendations through resources like Freshpet reviews to pick the right pet food for your dog.

Show Them Love And Affection

Naturally, you can also help your dog be the happiest version of themselves by showing them love and affection. Being close to your pooch, giving them belly rubs, and providing them with essential playtime is an excellent way to demonstrate that you care.

In fact, dogs don’t really need much from you. Just the occasional touch and cuddle is pretty much all they need to feel great, plus food of course.

Avoid Punishing Them

Try not to punish your dog. Short answer is that it doesn’t work.

Instead, find ways to reward the behaviors you want to see more. That way, everyone is happy.

How you reward your pooch is up to you. Praising them or giving them a bliss bar are two options. You can also take them out for a walk or show them special care. Just make sure that they know they are doing the right thing. Don’t raise your voice when they do something you don’t want as, ironically, this can indicate to dogs that you want them to do more of it (because they get attention from doing it).

Socialize Them

You can also bring up a happier dog by socializing them. Letting them meet new four-legged friends when they are young helps to fight problem behaviors as they get older.

This phenomenon is especially strange when you consider dogs are pack animals. But it turns out that dogs introduced to others of their kind tend to be much calmer when you take them out to those raised solely around people.

However, when you think about it more deeply, this makes sense. Imagine a human raised by dogs!

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