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How overcrowded are your kitchen cabinets? Do you have any method for your drawers? For me, it's a solid no. Instead of organizing I did the natural thing and bought more shelves and drawers. It works perfectly until it quit working so perfectly. Now I need to be more organized. I've been reevaluating all of my space choices and realized that I chose easy instead of orderly.

So, what does that mean? Instead of throwing away all of my stuff and starting over, I am going to save space and organize the clutter.

What is one thing that everyone has way too many of? Cups. Tumblers. Travel mugs, etc. Can I ask you a question before I go further- Do you actually use them? When you purchase these $20+ mugs and your great intentions are soaring through the roof, do you compare them to the other 30 mugs you already have in the house? That's what I do.

I will compare the cold/hot ratio, the size and shape of the handle, and the lip on the lid. The lid options, the color, you name it, I'm analyzing it. Then after all of that, does it come with an app? What is the REAL value of this travel companion? I love it! Then I get home and realize I have the same exact cup, now in 8 colors.

So the big question is, what to do with all the cups? And an even better question, What do I do with all the lids?!?! Cram them all in a drawer until I need them of course! That always leaves me with mismatched lids, not a good seal, and a spill. It doesn't matter if it's the same travel mug in a different color, the lids are not universal for some reason.

What did I do to fix this problem? I got a lid holder! It goes right under the same cabinet so I don't have to hunt in another area for the lids. So, enough of the story of my organizational skills and on with the cool product.

Plehood Tumbler Lid Storage Hook

About this item: 
Unique Design- Crafted from stainless steel, Plehood cup lid organizer offers sturdiness, and durability, and not easy to rust. After polishing the bottom, the edges are smoothed out, significantly reducing the risk of scratches. The film on the stainless steel surface has been pre-removed, eliminating the need to spend additional time clearing it off, and making installation effortless. Furthermore, With a length of 7.87 inches, it provides sufficient space to accommodate 8 to 10 cup lids.
Streamlined Kitchen Organization Plehood tumbler lid organizer transforms your kitchen experience by offering easy and immediate access to your lids. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching through cluttered drawers and cabinets, and find the exact lid you need in mere seconds.
Wide Application- Plehood storage hook can be installed in different areas such as behind doors, bedroom walls, and closets. It's not just a tumbler lid organizer, but also a versatile organizer that can function as a water bottle lid organizer, hat organizer, coffee lid organizer, Mason jar lid rings organization, paper towel holder, or provide storage for any other small items, saving your space and maximizing its functionality.
Two Installation Options- Plehood adhesive lid hook comes with strong adhesive tape, allowing you to easily install it on a smooth surface, whether it's inside a cabinet, underneath a cabinet, or on the wall, all without drilling. However, if you want to install it on a rough wall surface or get stronger support, you can use the screws we provide.

I received this product for free as a gift. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to email me directly.

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