What To Expect When You Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant is a journey that varies from one person to the next. Once you get pregnant, what can you expect? Everyone’s symptoms can be different but there are some typical symptoms that are fairly common and happen to most people throughout their pregnancy.

If you’re looking to navigate your pregnancy with as much ease as possible, here is everything you should expect when you get pregnant for the first time.

You’re going to feel tired

When you get pregnant, you will get hit with a wave of tiredness that’s unlike anything you’d have felt before. It’s not quite the same as that feeling when you’re hungover and have only a few hours of sleep. This is the type of fatigue that can last all day every day. What makes it more challenging is that you have to limit the amount of caffeine you have per day.

The lack of caffeine for many is what can make them even more tired, so it’s important to rest as much as you can. Even the days where you do very little can end up being just as exhausting as those that are full-on.

Sickness can happen both day and night

The classic ‘morning sickness’ isn’t something that happens just in the morning. In fact, some of those who get pregnant will find themselves feeling sick both day and night. For some, it might just be in the night.

Therefore, it’s good to try and find ways to alleviate that sickness that you might be feeling. Ginger is a good way to help nausea so consider ginger tea and fresh ginger as an option to help curb the sickness.

Your belly grows differently from anyone else

There are different pregnant belly stages throughout pregnancy and while these are benchmarks that you can refer to when comparing your bump, it’s important to remember everyone is different - that includes your bump!

Some bumps are perfectly round, while others are smaller or larger depending on the size and position of the baby. It’s important to know that your bump isn’t abnormal just because it doesn’t look like someone else’s baby bump.

You may end up going to the toilet more often

Frequent urination is definitely common in pregnancy. Therefore, a spot closer to the toilet is always worthwhile whether you’re in bed with your partner or going to the restaurant for dinner with friends.

As you go further along your pregnancy, that need to go to the toilet will only become more frequent, so be prepared to get well acquainted with the local toilets.

Implantation bleeding is common

Implantation bleeding is common at the beginning of the pregnancy and there’s no need to panic when this happens. However, it’s always good to get this checked out with a medical profession to ensure it’s nothing more serious.

If you’re looking to get pregnant, then it’s good to know as much as possible about what to expect. That way, you can prepare yourself and navigate the trimesters as they come along.

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