Best Ever Baby Shower Gift Guide Part #2

Part 2 of the Baby Shower Gift Guide is just as fun as part 1!

We love baby stuff!!

There are so many companies coming together to make this amazing guide possible. I am so grateful for that! In this post we are showing off even more fabulous reviews an let you know exactly where to find them. 

A very simple but very pretty bib is the 100% Organic Baby Bib by LePetit Frog. It is so cute! It's soft and has a velcro closure so it's really easy to use one hand. That's so nice because sometimes, wiggly baby is hard to bib. It has a nice sized neck hole so it fits chunky butts and little bitty teeny tiny's. 

It's 100% Organically Grown Cotton. That's so nice and soft for sensitive baby skin. It's very simple but very sweet. It's great for keeping the baby's clothes clean while eating and drinking. It's really great for teething babies too. A great price on sale at $9.95 on Amazon. They also offer it in pink :)

A beautiful hand crafted set of bibs by Petite Namaste is so sweet as a gift. I received the Birdie Set. These are absolutely adorable. Perfect for a surprise gender or even a specific gender. I love the colors in these bibs. 

They are durable and thick. High absorbency is what you get with these bibs. They are cotton and backed with terry cloth. and they re even longer so they cover more than average length bibs. I really like that feature. The Velcro closure, perfect for on hand dressing. A hand crafted set of bibs like this is amazing at $26

You can find them on social media on Facebook and Pinterest You are going to love all of their sweet stuff!! 

One of the sweetest little onsies I think I have ever seen is by SoZo. I reviewed a baby towel by them in the Best Ever Baby Shower Gift Guide Part 1.

This onsie is a little caterpillar. The feet on the sides are stuffed so the sweet little baby looks like a cute sweet little bug. Oh yes~ another little baby item that makes my voice get higher pitched just by being so cute!. 

These are classic boy colors but I think these are bright colors for both genders. SoZo has such an amazing selection of baby items. you are going to LOVE the next product that is also by them.

It is the Wee Block
This is exactly what you think it is. Have you ever changed a baby boy's diaper and any sudden air flow has an automatic sprinkler effect. Oh ya, that happens. My brother peed on my mom daily until she came up with a system. She would take the diaper down wait about a full second then put it back up and wait a minute because he was sure to pee every where. 

This little cover up keeps anyone involved safe from surprise showers. This is sponge on the inside and jersey on the outside. Machine washable and reshape as needed. Really how cute is this!! I am so happy I got to review this!

 Find SoZo on Facebook Instagram Pinterest and Twitter 

For eating and feeding there are so many ways to get the job done. But none so cute til now. Have you ever heard of Kangovou? They were new to me until I got this super awesome dining set. 

This is everything the baby needs to eat. These stainless steel dishes have an outer shell that is BPA, PVC, phthalate, lead, and melamine free. 

A healthier product for a healthier family. This set has the following:

18/8 food grade stainless steel divided plate
18/8 food grade stainless steel flat plate
18/8 food grade stainless steel cereal bowl
18/8 food grade stainless steel snack bowl
18/8 food grade drinking cup

This is so nice to have, its perfect for any occasion and the colors are so soft. Another great thing about them is how easy they are to take care of. Just wash right up in the sink. It's so easy.

You can find Kangovou on social media Facebook and Twitter

I received these products for free in exchange of an honest, unbiased review. If you have any questions about these amazing products or would like to see your awesome products on Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected]