Best Ever Baby Shower Gift Guide Part #1

   This is the time of year we celebrate new. The new growth, the blooming life all around us. Lets join in the amazing adventure into "New". We just found out we will be a new Mommy & Daddy in just a few months! So lets start by showing off all of those amazing new baby products out there.

Being a new mommy is so awesome. This will be the baby we have been searching for, for so many years. We honestly thought it wan't going to happen and were okay with that (:( )  It is so beautiful and I am honored to be a part of it.

As every parent knows that with a new baby comes so many new products to get used to. Things that you need and things that you don't NEED but, you still can't seem to figure out how you ever lived without them.

Here, we love them all. They all have a very useful purpose and we will use it. You would never know how the smallest little thing will make or break your day.
Next on the list of amazing baby products is Gynoii. Have you ever heard of them? They offer such an awesome monitor with such amazing features.

A monitor is something that I think all parents should have. This one is special. It has an app that has time lapsed video. Social sharing options are so fun. It's so nice to have the option of sharing with family and friends.

The camera offers pan/tilt so I can see everything I want to effortlessly. 

There are some really amazing baby companies that are not on the list for this guide but that are really great companies are Baby Pinch Boutique & Botiger
Baby Body Hair Wash

We are going to start with Era Organics. They have so many amazing natural ingredients. This is a mild scented soap. It's called Honey Buns. How cute is that!! I love the name. I reviewed the Honey Buns Healing Ointment awhile back. I was so impressed. This is something I will definitely want to have on hand when the baby is here.

This has a nice consistency and isn't perfumey at all. It's a really nice baby body wash. I know my older girls were so sensitive and this has natural ingredients that are safe and non irritating. Another great thing about it is, it's gentle enough for babies and also good for kids too.

That is a quality I adore. It's so much better having something that all of the kids can use.
Baby Washcloths

What about what to wash the baby with?? How about the softest ever Bamboo Baby Washcloths by Toogli.

These are by far the softest and most luxurious washcloths I have ever seen. They are the perfect size for babies, kiddo's and moms :) 

These are packaged so cute. Pastel green, yellow and white. Each cloth has it's very own little green bows. Not only is the package a gift but opening each individual one is a special little gift. 

Some Great features these washcloths have are

  • 100% Natural Bamboo Sourced Viscose 
  • Bio-Based and Hypoallergenic
  • Thick Ultra Soft and Gentle
  • Large 10 X 10 Size

These are so awesome! I highly recommend them!!

For drying baby off what do you like to use? Have you heard of SOZO? Oh My Goodness the sweet things they have there!

This adorable baby towel comes with the corner hood with the flower petals and lady bug on the leaf. It's bright fuchsia and yellow are just so CUTE!! It makes my voice get higher pitched just trying to describe it!

This is such a cute little addition to bath time. I love all of this baby stuff!!

Now to the convenient stuff. Another really awesome one by Toogli. The Stroller Clips! Let me begin with saying~ How did I make it through my girls being little without these guys?

These can clip to the stroller, a shopping cart, really anything with a handle. I can clip my purse to it, groceries, and even the diaper bag and since there is 2, the balance is awesome. I haven't tipped anything over yet! 

Feeding a baby can be tricky. There are so many products that make feeding easier. 
Breast feeding blanket

A nursing blanket for breastfeeding is a comfortable cover that shields the baby from distractions and allows the little snuggle butt all of the privacy she wants. 

Who knows, maybe she wants to wear a milk mustache and have a party.

It also gives mom the comfort of being covered and she can feed the baby anytime she wants to. Without being exposed to the rest of the world. In my opinion, I think breastfeeding is the best option. I was unsuccessful in my attempts but, I wished it would have went better. 

This blanket has lightweight material but, is not see through. It has an easy to use strap that goes around the neck and has the over under loop fastener. There is a front and center pocket  It is so easy to use.
Baby Bib

Bibs are a the most convenient helper in baby feeding. There are so many different kinds. I just got some 100% Natural Silicone Bibs

These are so nice because they are waterproof and adjustable. This is a super cute 2 pack that have such adorable faces. These make a great Baby Shower Gift idea because they are recommended to 0+.

These products are all so awesome. I can't wait to see what the next part will bring!

I received these products for free in exchange of an honest, unbiased review. If you have any questions about this set of amazing products or would like to inquire about seeing your amazing product here on Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] 


  1. I like that it has all natural ingredients! Sounds awesome! Thanks for the review!

  2. How exciting to become a new aunt! I absolutely love being an aunt. That Gynoii monitor looks amazing! I thought the one we have is pretty advanced with its great zoom features, but I would love a monitor that pans, too!

  3. I like the Shower Gift guide.