Preparing for Your Summer Holiday – Swimwear

If you are anything like us you will be looking forward to taking a summer holiday or at least enjoying a few more family days out. The warmer weather provides you with the perfect opportunity to go to the beach or spend a day at the water park. So, now is a good time to get everyone´s swimwear out so they can try it on. That way, if it no longer fits or looks a bit dated you can buy something new. Most stores have a good range available, so now is a good time to go shopping for swimwear.

Kitting out the lads

Whether you are looking for trunks or swimming shorts, for the men and teenagers in your family, is a good place to start your search. This retailer offers a big range of different styles in sizes 30 to 64.
Most retailers have decided to stick with swimming shorts this year. There is a bit of a retro vibe going on, so shorts that finish mid-thigh are very much in vogue again. Drawstrings are also back, which makes it far easier to get the fit right and avoid embarrassing swim short slippage incidents.

Capsule trunks

If you are not keen on swimming shorts but think that trunks are too skimpy, keep an eye out for capsule trunks.  They fit more closely than shorts do but are still not as tight as traditional swimming trunks are, which makes them a more modest option.

Skimpy bikinis

This year bikini designs are quite interesting, very stylish, but quite skimpy. So you will need to have a lot of confidence to wear one.

Stylish one-pieces

There are also quite a few high legged one-pieces available. Many of them also feature plunging necklines. So they are also relatively skimpy. However, they are not all like that. There are also plenty of more modest cuts available. The fact that there is so much choice makes it relatively easy to find one that looks good on you. If you want to learn how to choose one that suits your body type, you can do so by reading this swimwear shopping advice article.

An interesting alternative

If you are looking for something that ticks all of the boxes, a tankini may be the answer. The bikini briefs are great for swimming in, whilst the top half can be worn for the beach or as a dressy alternative to a t-shirt, for evenings out.

Sun protection shirts

It is also worth looking at buying swimming t-shirts and tops. For a few years now they have been widely available in small sizes. A lot of parents use them to protect their children from the sun. This year, a lot of retailers are starting to stock them in adult sizes too. The material that these garments are made from is designed to dry super quick.

Other beachwear

So, that is your swimwear sorted, but what about everything else you will need for the beach. Well, the good news is that we have already covered that subject. Just click here to read our beach ready checklist.

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