Heading Away Just As A Two? The Ideal Destinations To Consider

Taking a family trip can be very exciting, but there is nothing like seizing the opportunity to enjoy some one to one time with your partner, and taking a trip away is the ideal way to do it. Some say that it is a great way to rekindle the romance in your relationship, others simply feel it is a perfect opportunity to reconnect. So if you think that this could be a good idea, then perhaps you are looking for some inspiration on places to go. Sticking with some off the iconic US destinations, here are some to consider.


Miami is a great place to go as a couple. You could enjoy the nightlife and vibrant restaurants taking it all in and enjoying one another’s company. Or maybe you like to stroll hand in hand admiring the architecture and having leisurely drinks as you people watch. Better still, why not see the bustling city and get the best view from the water. You could look into a rental boat miami and sail out on the water. It really could be a great place to go as a couple to rekindle the romance and enjoy one another’s company.

Las Vegas

The original sin city and the one place you might just prefer to go to as a couple and not as a family. Las Vegas is the adult's playground and the perfect place for you to enjoy as a couple. The night time is when the city really comes to life. With the casinos, the residency shows, the night clubs and the appearances, Las Vegas has something to suit all tastes. Aside from that, it can also be a great place to hang around during the day. Great shops and hotels have amazing facilities, so you are likely to never get bored.

New York City

Do you like to shop? Do you love theatre? Do you enjoy big cities and the hustle and bustle of them? Then New York City could be the place to go. Many couples go here to stay in luxurious surroundings, enjoy the shops and then in the vending get dressed up for a Broadway show. Aside from that, there is also the sightseeing opportunities such as The Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Centre and the Statue of Liberty. Book at Westgate Grand Central for a convenient stay close to Midtown Manhattan's best attractions. Check out Westgate NYC's site to find out more about the accommodation and the destinations near it.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles could be the ideal location for your couples getaway. The shining jewel of the Californian state, it could be the ideal place to go. A stroll down Rodeo drive, a trek up the Hollywood Hills and just enjoying the sights and signs that are on offer in the movie capital. Los Angeles is a great place, and while it can be family-friendly, as a couple, it could be the ideal place to go.

Washington DC

Finally, if you like a little bit of history, especially American History, then Washington DC is the place to go. You could have a tour of the White House, head to the capital building and generally be in amazement of some of the iconic sights you can see.

Let’s hope this has inspired you for a couple's getaway location.

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