Signs A Business Doesn't Respect You

Every meaningful relationship should be built on mutual respect. However, while we understand how to apply respectful behaviors and attitudes in a personal relationship, things can feel a little different in a business environment. Whether you’re a client or an employee, your relationship with a business is defined by the same rules. For many, respect is measured in terms of fair trading. For a customer, it’s about receiving a quality product or service against the price they paid. For employees, it’s about getting paid fairly for their contributions to the business. However, there’s more than monetary exchanges to your relationship with a business. While the financial value – of your product or your skills – matters, you need to consider additional factors to define whether a company has earned your respect.

You struggle to get flex time as a mom
A lot of mothers find it difficult to go back to their post-pregnancy job while looking after their family. A few employers have embraced the challenges faced by families and adopted solutions to help their employees. From flexible time to on-site nurseries, many businesses have dedicated their energy to make the workplace welcoming for parents. However, not every business owner is ready to adjust their company to your needs. A boss who makes it difficult for you to be a mom and a professional can force you to look for flex job alternatives. Consulting in a corporate environment can give you more freedom to schedule your time as it suits you. Additionally, you can look for home-based roles, such as becoming a virtual assistant.

Your boss expects you to work overtime

Lack of flexible time is a thing. But working longer hours is another. While your boss may be a workaholic, it doesn’t mean they can expect the same behavior from you. Overtime is typically not paid in offices. It is performed voluntarily. Additionally, you shouldn’t feel pushed to work extra hours regularly, as it indicates the business needs more effective resource management strategies.

They don’t acknowledge your accident

As a customer, you expect a business to look after your best interests. However, for many companies, the relationship is defined by the purchase. Consequently, the customer service team can only help you with all your orders and delivery queries. The business refuses liability for any other event that would have affected their customers. Professional experts, Pittman, Roberts & Welsh, have warned many of their clients against unreliable businesses that refuse to recognize their responsibility in a case of personal injury. A company that doesn’t maintain its premises for the safety of their customers is unlikely to respect you.

They demand to talk to your husband

Door-to-door salespeople or cold callers need to follow a script. While, more often than not, the script can be engaging and informative, there are still some old-fashioned businesses that haven’t changed their text for decades. When a salesperson asks to talk to your husband, typically, you can assume that the business has not caught up with the revolution of traditional gender roles. Do you want to buy from a company that still believes the place of the woman is in the kitchen?

Whether you’re a customer or an employee, your relationship with a business needs to be built on respect. Not only respect of the monetary transaction between both parties, but also respect for you as an individual. Companies need to remember their employees also have a life outside of the office. Companies should put their customers first. Failing that, there can be no profitable relationship.

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