Why Your Child Should Learn To Swim

If you’re looking for a sports activity for your children, swimming is an excellent choice. Swimming is a lot of fun, and has a lot of benefits for your kids. Check out your local pool for options to learn to swim for kids.


Swimming is the only sport that could one day save your child’s life. Drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children, but learning to swim could keep your child safe.

Much of Australian life revolves around the water, whether it’s days at the beach or trying out water sports. Being around water if you can’t swim just isn’t safe, so make sure you get your child into swimming lessons to keep them safe when they’re enjoying the water. Should they ever accidentally fall into water, they will be able to swim to safety.


Swimming is great fun for all ages, but is also really good exercise too. Swimming has a lot of health benefits for children, without them thinking about having to get exercise.

Swimming is a great way to keep your child’s heart and lungs healthy. Swimming is a whole body exercise which can improve strength and flexibility, increase your child’s stamina and can even work to improve their posture and balance.

Swimming is also a good option for children with additional needs, as it is a very accessible sport. The water supports the joints, making it a good, gentle exercise option for children with injuries or disabilities.


Attending a swimming lesson and earning badgers and other rewards can really boost a child’s confidence. Seeing what they can achieve and taking on challenges can really them to believe in their abilities.

Swimming classes with other children can also be a good way for your child to make new friends outside of a school environment, and boost their confidence that way. Meeting new people is always a good opportunity for children.

Other Sports

Life on the water is common in Australia, with lots of hobbies that take place in or on the water being very popular. For some of these activities, you will need to be able to swim in order to try them out safely. Swimming opens up even more opportunities for your child to try now or when they get older.

As a swimmer, they could try out scuba diving, surfing, yachting, kayaking or canoeing.

Learning to swim is a wonderful gift to give your children that they will enjoy the benefits of for years to come. They can keep up their swimming well into old age, meaning that you have given them the tools for life-long fitness and health. Swimming can be a fun way to spend time together as a family, whether you head to the pool together or to the beach to swim in the sea. Help your children to become happy, healthy, confident individuals, able to try out all kinds of water activities, with some swimming lessons.

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