How To Get A Healthier Diet Quickly

How we eat determines so much. It determines how we feel and how physically fit we feel. So how can we incorporate better foods into our diet in a positive way? A lot of people don’t like the taste of fruit and veg but there is an array of exciting spices and herbs that can really enhance the taste of ‘plain foods’.

Frozen Foods

Frozen foods can last twice as long as fresh foods and still have a lot of benefits. Frozen fruit is incredibly tasty and can work lovely in smoothies to create a soft scoop ice cream type dessert which isn’t full of calories. Frozen veg works well in stews, pasta dishes or any dish of choice. You could also look at frozen asian food. A lot of Asian food is incredibly healthy and has a lot of health benefits, frozen food will take very little preparation and will last months so you don’t have to keep repurchasing fresh.

Snack Foods

What we snack on is so important. If we snack at all, we can increase our chances of gaining weight. If these snacks are sugar-heavy or salty, then it increases the chance even more, which is counterproductive to our health. Look at foods that provide lots of health benefits and maybe also have a crunch to them. Nuts can be great, they provide a lot of nutrition and are great to eat during the day, they are also incredibly filling. You don’t want to snack on fruit too much as fruit can be acidic as well as full of sugars, so alternatives can be great. Look at olives, hummus, bell peppers, greek yogurt. These can be easily packed for the office during the day and will also provide vitamins.

Avoid sugary drinks also as well as juices. Mineral water is by far the best drink you can have for hydration, you can add some fresh cucumber or lemon to add a little extra taste and benefit. For additional health benefits, you may want to look at celery juice, which is great for the liver, as well as watermelon juice which has high levels of potassium, or coconut water which is full of hydrating properties. All of the above are fabulous after a workout. Enjoy your juices and alcohol as a treat instead. Tea and coffee can be great but try decaf instead and look into healthier teas without sugar, or change up your sugar to raw honey. Camomile tea, peppermint, and fennel tea are particularly good for your digestive system and for your general health.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate some healthier foods into your diet but this must be alongside a healthy active lifestyle also. Walking to work instead of driving or swimming and cycling can be very beneficial also. Fresh air and a good sleep routine can also contribute to a better immune system and better metabolism. Eat better and start to feel the benefits of a healthier lifestyle today.

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