How to achieve a spiritual home

Sometimes, spirituality and the home struggle to go hand in hand. Spirituality is about finding inner peace (for help with this, visit mediumchat), and this can be difficult when your house is full of screaming kids and mess.

However, our home can have a huge impact on our mood. It can be difficult to meditate or practice mindfulness when your home isn’t a place of sanctity. The home should be the first place you start when trying to feel peace. Here’s how you can achieve a spiritual home.


You can’t feel spiritual when you’re surrounded by clutter. Meditation doesn’t work if you feel stressed by your surroundings. So, take some time to eliminate clutter. This might mean having a clear out, installing new storage or creating a cleaning roster for your family. Everyone should play a part in keeping the home clean and tidy.


Our senses play a huge part in the way we feel – especially our sense of smell. Many spiritual exercises and practices, like yoga and meditation, focus on breathing. We are encouraged to move with our breath and think about the way our body feels. We can’t enjoy this if we’re breathing in unpleasant odors. So, clean the house and light some candles or incense. It will help in making your home feel more spiritual.


Spiritual homes often have ornaments, decorations or wall hangings that connect them to their spirituality. These might be paying homage to gods or important symbols. The aim is that you are reminded of your spirituality when you move around the house, so pick them wisely. A spiritual home should be spiritual to you – whatever that means.

Natural light

  • Spiritual people are often deeply connected to nature. They enjoy spending time outdoors and appreciate seasonal changes. A spiritual home will be bright and airy, with plenty of natural light. So, while you can’t change the structure of your home, try to find somewhere with large bay windows that let the light in. If you’re stuck in a house with small windows, paint the walls a light color and keep the windows open.


Sticking with the theme of nature, having plants in the house is another great way to enhance a spiritual feel. Plants improve the quality of the air around them, so you will feel more spiritual by having them. Give them the love and attention they deserve by keeping them well watered and trimmed.

Personal space

We all need personal space. While spiritual people connect with others and help as much as possible, they also need a space to call their own. So, make sure you have a comfortable, safe space in your home that is only for you. This is where you can spend time meditating, reflecting and becoming the best version of you.


A spiritual home is where everyone feels safe and able to voice their thoughts. Create a spiritual household by encouraging your family to be honest, open and accepting – no matter the environment.

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