Taking The Time To Work On Yourself

Do you think there are some parts of your body that need work? It sounds like quite a negative thing to think, but as people, it’s only natural to wonder if you could go about your day better! We all like to take some time to figure out if we’re living right and feeling happy because of it, and it’s only natural to dwell a little on this.

And some of us have big plans to change the way we both look and feel! Sure, you’ve been feeding both yourself and your family a lot better, but are you following through on your exercise routine too? It’s all about making sustainable, long term changes to ensure you’re both looking and feeling your best, and that means doing what you need to do to make yourself the best person you can be.

The parts of your body that might need some work don’t have to be just physical either - some of us have thoughts we want to work on, or behavior patterns we’d like to change, and it’s important to start making some steady progress towards that.

The parts of your body that might need some work are, of course, going to vary from person to person. Some of us are in great shape in some areas, and some people are in great shape in completely different areas! But in general, the points we’re going to consider below are often the most problem areas throughout the human body. If you still want to make 2020 your year, despite how difficult it’s been so far, make sure you look inwards and think about working on yourself!

Tie up your laces and hit the track - running is very beneficial exercise!

Your Brain

Your brain makes up who you are; it’s where your mind is, and it’s how all of your thoughts, feelings, and in between emotions are created. Your brain is sometimes looked at as your soul, and it goes hand in hand with your heart to make decisions and follow the path you want to walk along.

However, sometimes we can feel our brains don’t work in the way we want them to. We can lose interest very easily, when we’re supposed to be paying attention, or we can have damaging thought patterns that only serve to aggravate us as we go about our days. All in all, the brain is a complex thing, and being able to understand why it does what it does is key to making sure you’re feeling happier.

So, what part of your brain do you want to work on? You can take the time here to improve your memory; you’re going to need to give it some exercise, seeing as the brain is just as much a muscle as your biceps, and that means doing brain teasers, puzzles, or specific memory exercises to flex as much as you can.

Or you can work on your focus here, in a similar manner. Find something you love, or something you’re interested in, and see how much you can learn about it in an hour. After the hour is over, you’re probably not going to want to tear yourself away, so why not keep going? And why not apply this principle to other areas of your life, where focus lacks a little?

Your Gut

Your gut is another part of your body that makes up a big part of it. Indeed, if you eat right, you feel right, and putting healthy substances into your stomach for your gut to digest through can make a person feel both healthier and happier. Serotonin, a chemical produced by the brain that makes you feel happy throughout the day, is also produced in the gut, and you may in fact get 90% of your serotonin from that area!

So it’s key to work on your gut, and not just to make it smaller or look flatter - you can work on your diet and how often you eat and get the same kinds of benefits, rather than constantly trying to target it with a core workout. Eating natural, plant based foods can help it to move and work a lot more smoothly, and if you’ve been noticing a lot of gas in your body lately, it’s a surefire sign your diet may need to be tweaked a little!

You could also invest in some probiotic foods, or supplements, to help your gut feel a little healthier, seeing as there’s both good and bad bacteria down there, and there’s a good chance you need to reinstate the balance a little more.

Overall, it’s very beneficial to work on your gut. Plus, we all need to listen to our guts to make the right decisions in life, so make sure your gut feels good enough to listen to.

Your Upper Body Strength

But what makes up upper body strength? Well, it’s your chest, back, and shoulder muscles. Three very key areas that hold a lot of potential strength within your body, and are often worked out the most with typical strength routines. Indeed, there are many Rear Delt Exercises out there alone for you to try, never mind the amount of advice you can find for making these pecs flex!

So, your upper body strength might just be what annoys you the most; it can be tested very easily through a few pushups, and be sure to count the amount of reps you do as you go. The standard of what you can do, to indicate good upper body strength, changes as you age, and also typically depends on gender as well. For example, if an 18 to 35 year old man can do more than 17 push ups at a time, they’re in the average zone. Whereas, if an 18 to 35 year old woman can do more than 12 push ups at a time, they’re also in the average zone.

Make sure you take your time with working out your upper body strength. If you can strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest and back even just by 5 to 10% over the next 6 months, you’re going to find reaching, pulling, and carrying a lot easier than you ever did before! It’s very useful in your day to day life, so don’t ignore your upper body when you next hit the gym.

Your Legs

So you want to work up on your upper body strength, but how is your lower half faring at the same time? Because while you’re working out the top half of your body, making sure you’re as strong as you can be, you’re going to need to focus a little more on your butt and legs as well, seeing as they’re the parts of you that actually hold you up. And hey, most people seem to skip leg day at the gym, so why not take a chance on making sure your thighs and your butt are the strongest they can be?

Your legs can be easily worked out, or taken care of as you want them to be. If you sit at a desk for most of the day, you can work out your legs as you type away on your computer. Indeed, you can find plenty of ideas right here.

If you own a bicycle, going for a few more rides around the town or a local park would be great for your overall lower half health. Not to mention being able to sit on a bicycle seat for a good hour or two at a time, and not get uncomfortable throughout the whole thing, is a surefire way to mark just how far you’ve come!

Do You Have the Time to Work on Yourself?

Taking the time to work on yourself is essential in the modern day and age. We have more resources at our fingertips than ever before, and putting them to good use can only make us feel healthier and stronger within ourselves. Being able to set our own alarms on our phones, for example, is just a little way to ensure we’re getting enough sleep each and every night. 

Of course, some of us don’t have the necessary amount of time to work on ourselves. Some of us only have 5 to 10 minutes per day to spare to think about or work on our minds and bodies, and it’s crucial to come up with some things you can do to fit into those very small windows. We’re all busy people, in our own ways, and we need to remember that!

So ultimately, don’t feel bad if you can’t go all out with a workout routine, or spend a good hour or two settling down with a good book. You’re just doing what you need to do for you! Just remember that you’re allowed to give yourself a break, and look to the future to come up with ways to take the time to work on yourself as you’d like to.

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