3 Tips and Ideas for School Pep Rallies

School pep rallies are full of different activities that leave students, teaching staff, and everyone else yearning for more. Although they are usually not limited to fit into a specific theme, the activities have subtle pieces to spice things up a bit. However, these events do not usually happen in school more than three times in a term. While others can squeeze in a fourth one, these rallies can interrupt academic work. It explains why most school pep rallies are held either at the beginning or end of the school year.

Games and contests

School pep rallies can never be the same without contests and games among students or school staff. Their purpose is to foster a spirit of togetherness among the school population. Moreover, the school cannot be all work and no play throughout the year, making it imperative to leverage pep rally games and contests. You can hold these games either in the school gym or the main auditorium for the best results.

It’s best to include different contests to sustain maximum interest. The more varied the games and tournaments are, the more participation you will likely have from the student body. Meanwhile, be sure to make more traditional games like charades and limbo a little different but exciting. Moreover, it will be an opportune moment for students and teaching staff to wear school spirit clothing to show pride.

Hold a faculty rally

Sometimes the pep rally can be held mainly for the school faculty, which is pretty different from traditional pep rallies. This time around, allow the teaching staff to become the focus of the event. School can be hectic, and the teaching staff will love nothing more than to be appreciated through these events. To make it even more exciting, let students cast their votes on faculty members likely to come out tops at the end of the pep rally competitions.

For a more organized voting system, allow students to break up into groups supporting their respective teachers. This way, they decide on what prizes or awards should be given to the winning teachers. At the end of it all, a male and female staff should be crowned King or Queen.


It’s best to restrict the trivia portion to the school setting, making it easier for everybody to partake. Trivia gets everybody thinking and is rated as one of the most engaging mini-events to hold during a school pep rally. It is also the time others learn fun facts and other details they never knew about their school. Perhaps, what makes trivia competitions more endearing is that it offers an opportunity to make fun of others (but all in the spirit of friendliness). Therefore, the next time your school holds a pep rally, make sure to get the event well organized to get the student body and staff pumped up. It is one of those moments you get to show school pride and connect with everyone else.

Pep rallies get students and staff in a good mood, making it an event to organize for your school. Hopefully, you’ll follow these tips for a memorable experience.

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