Tips for cooking with your children

A fun activity to do with your children on the weekend is to cook or bake with them - especially when the weather isn’t very pleasant outside. Cooking or baking helps teach your children the hazards of the kitchen, practices their math (when calculating the weight of the ingredients) as well as helps with time management and how to cook of course.

There are many fun things to cook with them, you could try these gluten-free small-batch chocolate chip cookies or you could bake a cake like a Victoria Sponge - it depends on what you as a family like to eat. Why not bake something and then have it after your dinner as a treat if they have behaved well that day?

When cooking with children, there are many benefits and there are a few tips that we could recommend to make the process that little bit easier. Keep on reading for our top tips when cooking with your children.
It’s all about fun

Rule number one of baking or cooking with your children is to remember that it’s fun. This is supposed to be a time when you can bond together and spend some quality time together. Don’t put too much pressure on the end result of what you bake or cook. If it doesn’t work, try not to stress, simply try it again and have fun doing so. Most of the time you will find errors occurring as it’s inevitable, especially when your little ones are trying to measure out the ingredients. If it turns out really bad, there is always takeout. We have put together some easy breakfast ideas for children that you can try.
Make things they will want to eat

Rule number two of baking or cooking is to make things that you know they will enjoy eating after. This way they will enjoy making it with the anticipation that they get to enjoy it once they are done. If you know it’s something they won’t enjoy, then chances are they will start to lose interest in the process of making it and want to do something else. Before cooking or baking, sit down together and have fun choosing the recipe, make sure the recipes are kids friendly and go crazy - when you are baking with children the recipes are always going to be fun to make.
Don’t wait until they are hungry

Feeling hangry is a thing and it affects children too! When deciding to bake or cook together, don’t leave it until you know they are feeling hungry - this can be a disastrous idea. Not only will they eat everything you lay out for the recipe but they won’t concentrate and will keep asking for food. Try to bake after they have eaten, like after breakfast or after lunch, this way what you make can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner.

What tips do you have for baking with children? Which of the above tips did you find most useful? Let us know in the comment box below.

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