Does Someone Already Live In Your New Home?'

If you have recently moved into a new property, you may get the sense that you are not the only person living in it! No, we’re not talking about ghosts or spirits! And no, we don’t mean that you have a few prior tenants in the basement. What we’re talking about are pests! If you hear some scratching noises or you have noticed a weird odor in the property, it could mean that you have some pests in your home. In this blog post, we are going to take a look at some of the different signs and indicators that you could have a pest problem in your home.
  • Grease marks and tracks - Rats and mice will typically travel along the same path every day. As a consequence, they will leave evidence of this in the form of grease tracks and marks. Other indications that you could have a problem with rats or mice include fecal droppings and urine trails. These are all signs that the owners need to contact pest control contractors before you consider buying the property.
  • Signs that you need to look for when outside - Not only are there indicators of a pest problem inside of your home, but there are signs when you are outside of your home as well, which you should look out for. There are a number of different indicators in this regard, including nearby breeding grounds, damaged plants, damaged patches, mile holes, and ant hills as well.
  • Has your pet had a weird reaction to moving home? - You may also notice an issue by looking at the behavior of your pet. If your pet is scratching, licking, or biting their fur more than usual, this could be an indication that they have a flea infestation. Of course, not only do you need to act quickly for the sake of your home, but also the health of your pet as well.
  • Holes and gnaw marks - We also recommend that you look out for any of the small holes in the walls and floors of your home. If there are any small holes in a property, this is a giveaway sign that there could be a potential pest infestation. Rats, specifically, have a habit of gnawing at things. So, if you have noticed that one of your cables is chewed up, this is an indicator that there could be some sort of issue.
  • Odd smells and sounds - Aside from the different indicators that we have mentioned so far, another sign that you have a pest problem within your new home is weird smells. For instance, experts have stated that mice tend to give off a smell that is likened to ammonia; it is a musty, urine smell. Next, there is the oily smell that is associated with roaches, which can be compared to ‘fecal soy sauce.’
  • You’re noticing dead bugs in the home - A final sign to look out for when it comes to pests in your new home is dead bugs. If you have a look at your window ledges or around your basement area and you see a lot of dead bugs of the same species, it is likely that they all live on your property.

If you have noticed any of the signs or indications that we have mentioned above, finding a quality pest control company is of the utmost importance. One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people tend to make when it comes to pest control is attempting to handle the problem themselves. After all, if you do this, you could end up making the issue a lot worse. Plus, you could end up injuring yourself in the process. Some pests don’t like to play ball when it comes to leaving your home in a calming manner!

When looking for a pest control company, there are a lot of different factors that you need to keep in mind. The first thing you need to do is make sure that the company is experienced. Take the time to look at their history so you can be sure that they have plenty of experience in the industry. This will ensure that they have plenty of time to hone their craft. Moreover, it will have enabled them to build up their name in the industry, so you should be able to get a feel as to whether the company is reputable or not.

Speaking of reputation, we recommend that you take the time to read reviews that have been left by other people. In the current day and age, a lot of people leave reviews online whenever they buy a product or use a service. This makes it easy for you to find out information on what the company is like. There are a lot of independent review websites nowadays, so you can easily read lots of comments and determine whether or not the company is worth hiring.

In addition to this, you will need to check out the price to make sure that the pest control company fits in with your budget. This does not mean that you should simply look for the cheapest price that you can find, though. If you do this, there is a very high chance that you are going to end up using the services of an inexperienced pest control company that uses poor quality methods, which could cause further problems and greater expense in the long run. Therefore, it is really not worth the risk. Price is important, but it should not be the final determining factor.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about some of the main signs and indications that you may have a pest problem in your home. If you have noticed any of the issues that we have mentioned in this post, the best thing to do is get in touch with a professional pest control company at the earliest opportunity. After all, the last thing you want is for this issue to end up getting a lot worse.

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