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Food is a big deal around here. We love food, cooking, making memories and all of the great stuff that happens in the kitchen. When we get to work with awesome companies to try out their products in our kitchen, it makes it even more interesting.

You might remember a company worked with before, Bulb Head. We worked with them on reviews for AquaDog, Air Dragon, and Hurricane Spin Broom. We love the interesting things they come up with and the quality of the products. I can't wait to show you what we just got from them by Red Copper.

These are all specialty pans and do exactly what they are claiming to be. I love specialty pans.

Red Copper Flipwich ($19.99)

I apologize for the fuzzy beginning- This is my first Facebook Live Video)
  The Red Copper Flipwich is a pan for sandwiches. It's two grill pans connected with a hinge. The top and bottom are both griddle style pans that can be cooked on and there is a handle for both sides. So, opening it when the sandwich is done is achievable from either side. There is a metal lock so the sandwiches don't fall apart when flipping it over. Panini's and sandwiches no longer a task.

Rueben- Rueben- Rueben is chanting through my head right now. I love making Rueben's. The delicious corned beef, swiss, rye bread, and saur kraut dance across my taste bro's and make me so happy! It's a comfort food to me. My mom made these for us as kids and made them perfect, every time. Her kitchen magic was so much more magical than mine. When I cook, we don't tally points for presentation.

With the Flipwich, even I can make a beautifully stacked sandwich that looks as good as it tastes.

Red Copper Brownie Bonanza Pan ($19.99)

The Red Copper Brownie Bonanza Pan is so much more than a brownie pan. It's a 9x13 pan that has an insert. What this magic little divider does is cuts and cooks evenly on all four sides. The bottom of the pan is a serving tray for all of the perfectly cooked squares.

As a mom, this is so awesome for portion control. When I tell the kids they can have one piece of cake and they cut it themselves, you know what happens. They cut a piece the size of their plate and leave it whole so it is just "one piece". With a quick witted- "You didn't say what size of a piece, Mom". Yes, the joys of parenting. It's wonderful.

The brownie pan can make so much stuff and make it gourmet. I know I like to think I can make all of those little things on Pinterest with the perfectly swirled cakes and other finger foods but the reality of it is, I couldn't, until now.

5 Minute Chef ($39.99)

The 5 Minute Chef is perfect for everything quick. Do you like omelets? Eggs are one thing I can make good. I love making breakfast for the whole family even though it's around dinner time that we do it. This makes it so much easier.

This pan offers dual cooking sides so there is an even steady heat. It's not made just for omelets either. You can cook all kinds of things in here. This is an electric pan so I don't have to have to use it on the stove. I can use it anywhere. The fun part is, it's small enough to travel with and big enough to make a meal.

All of these pans are non-stick and wipe clean surfaces. No need to wash or anything. No Dish Pan Hands!! These are o awesome!!

We will be hosting a giveaway for these pans very soon. Please keep an eye out so you can enter to win!

These are all amazing pans to have. They make a great addition to our kitchen. They are all available on

I received these for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us directly at [email protected] or [email protected] We love hearing from you!!

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